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Ernoe, DK2AMM

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LA8CJ, Arnfinn
DJ8NK, Jan
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DM5EE, Ulrich
W5VY, Howard
KA2MGE, Gerry
G0BLB, Richard
PA7CW, Gerard
DL1JCI, Klaus
DK3CG, Rudolf
PA3CWN, Oene
PB5X, Roberto
G3YQA, Frank
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AB1A, Susan
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Marquesas DXpedition 2016

(IOTA OC-027)

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The DXpedition is now over and we went QRT at 14:33 UTC on 15th March 2016 with 32.231 QSOs in the log. It was a moving 13 days of operation on the Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific.

Band CW SSB RTTY Total
40m 3.705 1.118 145 4.968
30m 6.456 0 214 6.670
20m 2.318 1.315 431 4.064
17m 2.814 2.085 461 5.360
15m 2.765 1.933 663 5.361
12m 1.709 1.683 387 3.779
10m 1.219 805 5 2.029
Totals 20.986 8.939 2.306 32231

We are now back in Germany or the Netherlands or Scotland. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the adventure Marquesas 2016. We enjoyed good hospitality of very friendly inhabitants. Simultaneously we had daily heavy rainfall and high humidity and biting insects. But we were always in a good mood.


from left: GM4FDM, PA3EWP, DK2AMM, DL6JGN

The finale logs were uploaded to Clublog and the OQRS System in Clublog is running for direct and bureau QSLs.


We give our special thanks to Madam Yvonne and to Maurice for their warm hospitality. Our further thanks go to all our helpers.

We are very gratefull to all our sponsors who made this DXpedition possible. Note: All individual sponsors receive the QSL automatically by mail. (OQRS is not necessary!)

We (Ernoe DK2AMM, Hans DL6JGN, Tom GM4FDM and Ron PA3EWP) are glad to inform you that our group will be on from the Marquesas Islands - French Polynesia (IOTA OC-027). The operate period is of March 2nd to March 15th 2016.

The coordinates: 08o52' S, 140o06' W

The Marquesas Islands are a group of volcanic islands in French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the southern Pacific Ocean. The group is one of the most remote in the world, located about 1.371 km northeast of Tahiti and about 4.800 km away from the west coast of Mexico, the nearest continental land mass. Nuku Hiva being the second largest island in the entire territory, after Tahiti. With the exception of Motu One, all the islands of the Marquesas are of volcanic origin.


Ernoe, DK2AMM

Born 1947, licensed 1966 (as HA2MM). Other call used: C21EU.

Hans, DL6JGN

Born 1947, licensed 1968 (as DM5XBN). Other calls used: DM2FGN, Y26GN, TX9, 5H1GHW, 3D20CR, E51M, ZK3N, XR0ZR, KH8/DL6JGN, T30D, C21EU, V73D.


Born 1946, licensed 1975 (as GM4FDM). Other calls used: V26VG, VP8SDX, OY7TW, T30TW, T33C, T33TW, 3D2DM, TY4TW, 6W/GM4FDM, GM4FDM/VE7, GM4FDM/W7, ZB2/GM4FDM, V8FDM, GD4FDM, GJ4FDM, EA8/GM4FDM, T2GM.


Born 1961, licensed 1982 (as PD0NAL). Other calls used: HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3EWP, VP5C, FG/PA3EWP, TO5C, J77C, J79WP, FM/PA3EWP, J6/PA3EWP, 9Y4/PA3EWP, 6Y5/PA3EWP, ZF2WP/ZF9, PJ7/PA3EWP, FS/PA3EWP, V47WP, VP2EWP, 8Q7WP, V26WP, 8P9JU, J3/PA3EWP, J38PA, J8/PA3EWP, J8PA, TI9M, TI9/PA3EWP, GM/PA3EWP, J75WP, J75PA, VP2MWP, VP2MPA, OY7WP, OY8PA, 3D2WP, T30RR, T33C, T33WP, ZB2/PA3EWP, PZ5C, PZ5WP, TY5WP, VU3SXR, VU7RG, V8FWP, 5Z4/PA3EWP, DL/PA3EWP, OE/PA3EWP, 3D20CR, MD/PA3EWP, 6W/PA3EWP, MJ/PA3EWP, F/PA3EWP, KH6BB, TN2T, T32C, E51M, E51EWP, ON/PA3EWP, 9Q50ON, LX/PA3EWP, 9U4U, XR0ZR, KH8/PA3EWP, C21EU, S79C.

Our QTH is the Hinako Nui Pension in Hatiheu on the northern side of the island. It is unobstructed to the north direction, i.e. no hills. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. We using two stations (2x K3, 1x Expert 1,3k-FA and 1x 600 Watts homemade amplifier), a Hexbeam and vertical antennas. One station running 24/7. Our focus on the end of the sunspot cycle is on the high bands.
Subject to a reliable Internet connection, we will upload the log to Clublog on a daily basis. Otherwise the complete log will be uploaded upon our return.
QSL via DK2AMM (OQRS, direct, bureau).